Secret Life of an Xbox Call Girl!

28 Feb

Some of you may have heard about GameCrush, its a site where you pay girls to play games with you.  I don´t know what I shall call this girls, is it wrong to call them call girls?  I don´t like this site at all just because first i got a mail from someone at gamecrush asked me if I wanted to become a Xbox Playdate  but i said NO  because I game for fun with my friends.. I don´t game for money and to show people myself in webcam while I´m playing.  I read an article about the ”secret life of an xbox call girl”


this interview bellow with one of the girls is from this site :

”Matt.E: I’m still sort of confused about it, actually…What IS

GamerGir1: It’s a website, where people can go to play games with ‘play dates’. I will admit MOST of play dates are females. Like myself!

GamerGir1: The concept is pretty basic; People buy credits to play games with their chosen play date. And I pick my rate, and they invite me to a game, and voila! I entertain and game

Matt.E: What is the typical “play date” like?

GamerGir1: Honestly there are SO many different personalities on that site. Some play dates are not actual gamers and just play the games like tic-tac-toe and battleship, but the majority is girls who are real gamers. So they are pretty nerdy, fun, weird ha-ha

Matt.E: So someone logs onto the site and pays a base rate to play for however long. Are there any “premium” features? Say for an extra dollar you’ll go on a webcam as well?

GamerGir1: Yes! So if you go on the site, you buy some credits, every girl is different on there. BUT me for example, I charge 35cents/minute for a PC game (obviously I have to own it as well as them) OR for 60cents/minute I will play an Xbox/pc game on webcam. I don’t do any little shows; I just sit here with the camera pointing at me!

Matt.E: What’s the average guy that you go on a play date with like? Especially creepy?

GamerGir1: Ha-ha HONESTLY the average guy on the site is a total white-knight-gamer. They see your profile, which tells a little bit about yourself, look through your photos and most of the time you are their play date for when they come on, and they’re loyal too!

GamerGirl1: But of course there’s the occasional pervy-creep! Which is to be expected.

Matt.E: Is there any sort of preventative methods? If a guy starts creeping on you, how do you deal with it?

GamerGir1: Well when someone tells me they are interested in a game, I go through some ground rules – NO asking me to get naked or change the camera angle, and no asking for contact info off the site. That usually works pretty well. But there are the few times where after about 30 minutes the guy starts pushing for something else, so I just tell them, if you’re interested in that, go to a REAL cam site. And honestly, they just apologize and we keep playing

Matt.E: For most people I think this still seems fairly weird and creepy… Is GameCrush fairly busy? Whenever you decide you want to play, is there always someone ready to pay?

GamerGir1: Oh I agree, when I joined firstly I did NOT expect to make any money on the site, I was thinking, who would pay!? But I’m not sure about other play dates, but whenever I log on there’s always someone who has messaged me waiting for a game. I also keep my GameCrush schedule pretty exclusive, Only go on for 2-3 hours every 2nd day, so people have more ‘want’ to buy a game with me

Matt.E: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me! I’ll let you get back to your play dates :) .

GamerGir1: Of course, hope it was informative. Again, the site isn’t for everyone, buts it’s something worth to check out!  ”


But really  why should we girls have to do this?  Game and get money ?  I game for free haha but that maybe sounds cheap haha but this is a big no no no no no… Boys and girls plz stop pay to play ..


Ett svar to “Secret Life of an Xbox Call Girl!”

  1. Hamsternator februari 28, 2011 den 1:05 e m #

    But if we don’t pay, then how are we supposed to get girls to play games with us? I’ve been trying for months to get my own mother to play games with me and I still fail. So why would someone else be interested in playing with me?

    The solution of the wallet is awfully useful sometimes =)


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