Blizzard-inspired Theme park= JOYLAND!

27 Feb

This may be the dream for all you WoW gamers/fans, an World of Warcraft & Starcraft theme park is acctully being built in China!

The park theme park, called “World Joyland,” will consist of five game-centric sections: Terrain of Warcraft, Universe of StarCraft, Island of Mystery, Moles World, and World of Legend. The park will reportedly offer visitors a number of thrill rides, including a double free-fall tower and three roller coasters. World Joyland Will also have an video game museum and an e-Sport center.  THATS AWESOME!!

Rumor say that it will open already in MARCH.. but appers to have been dalayed and a new opening date is comming up.  Joyland is located on the road between the two Chinese cities Shanghai and Nanjing,which might be useful to know if you are already starting to plan a visit.

So for you all diehard WoW  fans out there now would be a good time to save money for a plane tricket to China.


THIS IS SO DAAAAAMN AWESOME!!!  (I don´t play  WoW  but anyways!!)

Visit there site:




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