Bulletstorm Review!

24 Feb
Welcome to the world Love of this week: BulletStorm,  you can simply sum up the game with brutal kills and a large dose of toilethumor.
Its more about how you kill your enemies not IF you do it  because you get points for how you choose to kill the enemies. If you choose to hang up the enemy in a cactus, you will make a skill shot called ”pricked” and get 100 extra points.Congratulations!
To hang up the enemies of cactus, throwing bombs, or put a nice headshot with the sniper is very addictive and at the same time unspeakably entertaining, it is this mixed bag of humor and brutal violence that gives the game its charm.
You play as Grayson Hunt along with your Comrade Ishi Sato two former members of elite Dead Echo, which is to protect the Confederation of Planets, which in turn is controlled by the terrible Sarrano ”Hitler”. After being betrayed by serano crashes Grayson and Ishi on the planet Stygia, where you’ll find yourself in an abandoned paradise surrounded by mutants and carnivorous plants.
One of the objectives you have is to get revenge on the man who sent you there… namely SERANO because he manipulated Grayson’s group to kill civilians. It is not exactly a deep-gripping story, but it feels more like an excuse to put bullets in the mutants, and believe me it is just that you wanna do during the game.
It takes a few minutes into the game until you become preoccupied with fighting for your life and to kill the enemies in so many varied ways as possible. It is the game mode that allows you earn points by killing enemies in different ways. Sure, you can choose to shoot them with your weapon, but it offers only a paltry 10 skill points. grab your enemies with your ”energy Leash”, kick him and he flies in slow motion helplessly in the air, now it’s just point and shoot. Of the points you can later use in the shop to upgrade your weapons and buy more ammunition. All skill shots with different vicious names for example if you choose to shoot someone in the neck, you see the name ”gag reflex” and the enemy literally spewing blood and suffering to death.However, if you shoot an enemy in the groin and then kills him with a headshot, you get ”Mercy”.

The hefty six-hour long campaign is packed with fun missions and battles are all fantastically brutal but above all varied, which means that the fighting does not become routine all the time. There are a total of 131 skill shots so you have a lot to discover and you get a good laugh when you see the different skill shot’s name on the screen.  There is not so many weapons to choose from but  its nothing that I complaint. These include a basic pistol, a machine gun, a shotgun and a sniper as soon became my favorite weapon in the bulletstorm when you get to control the shot yourself and see close-up when the ball hits the enemy body. the enviroment in bulletstorm is very detailed and it shows that placed great emphasis on it, which gived it  an awesome  ”wow” feeling. There are times when one gets distracted by the stunning scenery when you should be concentrating on the enemies who attack. When the campaign is over, it’s time to do what every advertising has asked us to do, namely ”kill with skill.” This is appropriate in Echoes game mode where you can play small sections of the campaign where you have to get as much points as you can. High points lead, not surprisingly, in better placement on the leader and of course no one wants to be in their friends there.For those who do not feel like trying on record footage alone is also Anarchy fashion in which a team of four people together, have a score in a game mode similar to the Horde mode in Gears of War but of course with Bullet Storm’s own twist. With each wave of enemies that will not enough to shoot down everything that moves, but the entire team must reach a certain amount of points to move on. If the team can not handle that starts the wave and the players have to try again. A välsynkat team can scrape together a large amount of points on which there is also the possibility to perform teamkill shots such as ”Tug of war” as you might guess what it means. Multiplayer will not replace other games like CoD or Gears of War but it is a welcome addition before the rivalry sinks in and the only thing you care about is getting better scores in Echoes than their friends.


Of course, even Bullet Storm shortcomings, what I’m annoyed me most during game play is the game’s AI is horrible, when my so-called ”friends” always stand in the way, blocking my kind and running in some cases, as dizzy chickens all over the map. There were times when I wanted to kill them and go it alone when they still did not do anything useful. I even tried to kill them which did not go where they can not be killed. I would have preferred that the group struggled as much together, or that I could tell them where they would run or if they could simply look at me and learn from the master. This is something I hope will be better in the sequels. It is also poorly synchronized cut-scenes.


8,5/10  E-Cookies!

”Shoot that f****** s***face until his d*** falls”


Read it in swedish here: http://www.ctrlaltelite.se/2011/02/24/recension-bulletstorm/



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