The Future of Gaming, it´s cute. It´s Name… is WAPPY DOG!

23 Feb

In all this Bulletstorm fever i got right now with awesome kills robot dinousarius and don´t forget the awesome sniper  I just have to tell you about something else  without blood and kills,  This is the Wappy Dog  made by Activision and SEGA.

This is something for you people who just love nintendogs because this little cutie  can do a lot of things.  Wappy sings, Wappy dance, Wappy play wack-a-mole-and the best of all he does is all through your nintendo DS!

I wish i had something like this when i was about 8 years old and had one of those tamagotchi  the virual pets you had to feed, pick up poo and play with or else they would get cranky and beep at you …. and…. DIE ..

Well  Wappy is kinda like tamagotchi bt  more advanced and better of course and hey ,  he exist, you can touch him.  Welcome next generation!

You´re going to be able to communicate and play games with Wappy and he´ll interact with both you and the DS.

I´m not the kind of gamer who would buy this to myself but this would be a perfect gift for a younger child! 🙂

Wappy Dog will be available later this year.  A price has not yet been set – but they did say it would likely be less than $99, which is far less than a real dog . . . .


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