Splitscreen Relationship!

22 Feb

I have been thinking alot about how i use to play videogames when I was younger and how I play now,  and there we have it splittscreen,  When i was younger a few of my friends and I  use to play a lot of games with splitscreen on super Nintendo and on Nintendo 64 our favorite game on N64 was  F-Zero X, I don´t know how many hours we played that game and I bet it will always be my nr 1 favorite game on N64 just because of all this awesome hours with my friends and N64 (even though I didn’t like the n64 controller that much)

Sometimes we even skipped the last hours in school just because we wanted to go home and play  (Sorry mum and dad and my brothers N64  now you know! haha).  But the fact is that I was always playing splitscreen with some friends , now it´s more that I´m  playing with people online not next to me on the same screen. When I was playing  NFS  a few days ago  someone came up to me and said ”lets play splitscreen”  but then i realise you can´t do that in this games, its kinda makes me sad..  Are splitscreen in the past?  yeah i know that there is games like gear of war and stuff where you still can play splitscreen but in somehow it feels like we now prefer playing online instead of next to eatch other at the same screen.  Playing co.op on splitscreen with someone build you´re relationship with that person and I feel that way when im playing with some new friend or some guy on a ”date”  (wtf does nerdphilia date guys?!)   It´s like you´re starting to trust that person because you´re in the same team and you have to do this together.   I just feel like Videogames are the perfect training ground for every relationship.



Join forces and together we will win the day!  



5 svar to “Splitscreen Relationship!”

  1. Berkman februari 22, 2011 den 12:36 e m #

    We used to play Quake 2 on PSone for hours split screen. There was something called multitap and with it, we played those games 4 people split screen! I was not so young back then, but we loved to do that with my cousins.

    Games we played were Quake 2, a Tank game I forgot the name of, Delta Force and Metal Slug. Then PS2 came out. Now there were too many more titles that supported 4 player split screen, and they were looking better too! Time Splitters was the one we played alot. And again another Delta Force and Metal Slug.

    Now near my PS3, there are PS2 and PSone connected to their multitaps with 4 Dualshocks on each, it reminds me those days.

    I guess it has a part in every gamers’ life a bit. But for me, it’s part is soo big. Like playing those games over 12 hours a day. And another fact, that getting old makes you seperated with your buddies too.

  2. PimPim februari 22, 2011 den 1:11 e m #

    Games aren’t build for splitscreen anymore though. Are you trying to play Borderlands or Resident Evil 5 in split you can’t see a thing if you get the inventory up. Or you can’t play Halo because of the smaller screen.
    Many times it’s something you just have to acclimate with.

    My friends and I use to talk about a diffrent thing though. We have met through the internet and play with eachother from diffrent parts of the country. Sure, we would not have met if it weren’t for online gaming. But it’s much easier and more comfortble to just pick up a headset rather than take your controller and get walk to a friends house playing side to side.
    Wii is still going with split screen, but that’s as much it. It sure is sad.
    I have to grab my cousin for a tea and NES-gaming night again soon. It was fun playing with eachother again! :’D

  3. Ron februari 22, 2011 den 9:52 e m #

    There are alot of options for my family on the PS3. GT5 has a split Arcade screen mode. We play alot of LBP1 & LBP2 and the COD W@W/Black Ops games support split screen. Castle Crashers is my 4 year olds favorite game at then moment for some fun 3-4 player action. Fat Princess & Dead Nation also come to mind.

    • Berkman februari 23, 2011 den 9:25 f m #

      Can you tell me how does it works on Fat Princess mate? I just can’t find how to do it.


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