Zelda is Turning 25!

21 Feb

Happy Birthday dear Zelda!

The year was 1986 and on february 21 the very first copy of the legend of zelda was sold in Japan. Zelda is like mario everyone knows who zelda is, Zelda is also known as one of the longest-running video game series of all time. The series has spawned 15 further games, with latest Skyward Sword planned to hit this year. *E-five* on that one.

The first zelda game i played was on N64 The legend of zelda:  Ocarina of Time!  awesome game!



2 svar to “Zelda is Turning 25!”

  1. Jesper februari 22, 2011 den 1:56 e m #

    25 år av zelda – http://i.imgur.com/sj4Vy.jpg

  2. Matthew Scott april 2, 2011 den 10:37 e m #

    zelda is an amazing game series, i loved OoT


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