Where is my Portable Xbox?

17 Feb

Dear Microsoft…

I have been thinking about you and sony and somehow it always end with ”damn.. i like you dear xbox”   My brothers still want me to go over to the ”dark side of sony”  but sorry..  Sony have ps3 and PSP … PSP … PSP.. PSP..  I love my PSP but hey microsoft I bet you can do it better than sony,  Lets make an Portable Xbox!

With all the hype about the new handheld consoles, the 3DS and the Sony NGP,  but where is Microsoft in all this hullabalooo?  They have never offically confirmed working on some sort of portable handheld console but rumors abound regardless of taciturn responses recived.  I bet that a lot of people are wondering what the hell microsoft are doing ^^.

Okey so we all know that there is a lot of rumors I´ve heard about a  potential microsoft handheld are true but when and where and how ? and then we can start daydream over again about an portable xbox.

Xbox live, xbox live party with firends, and play games together with youre xbox firends while they are at home and you´re on the train!! AWESOME..  Dear santa give me an portable xbox!

Microsoft has a long way ahead of it before it can truly compete against the domination of the DS and the competition of the PSP, but with some smart decisions and good advertising, there is hope for a new portable handheld soon.

Maybe something like this?

what do you thing, do we need/Want an portable xbox?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


5 svar to “Where is my Portable Xbox?”

  1. yownas februari 17, 2011 den 10:33 f m #

    Man kan ju alltid hoppas på att dom har någon baktanke med sina WP7-telefoner. 🙂

    Sen får du säga till dina bröder att Sony är onda och att man ska undvika dom. Jag kommer att vara en besviken ps3-ägare ända tills Sony ger mig OtherOS tillbaka. 😡

  2. rawmultimedia februari 17, 2011 den 1:13 e m #

    wow awesome look.

  3. PimPim februari 17, 2011 den 1:24 e m #

    Like yownas said, they have the mobilephones. They want to compete with Apple and Google, not Nintendo and Sony. And I think it’s for the best. They are to late getting into the handheld market. I don’t think they have the money failing once more like they did with the fat Xbox.
    And if there is a portable Xbox, get it out for next year. They will not stand a chance if they’re not.

  4. kamuz februari 18, 2011 den 1:07 f m #

    Sony easily owns Microsoft, PS3 is waaaay better than xbox360 and PSP is the best handheld console of all time

  5. james braselton juli 5, 2011 den 12:31 f m #

    hi there wow if my xbox 360 was portable then storms wont take out my xbox when playing halo like today my xbox went buy buy during power glitch from sever storms


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