Guest post Nr1: Mac vs PC !

17 Feb

I asked my readers on facebook and twitter if anyone wanted to post a Guest post  on my blog and this is one of them:

Its  from  The Mac Phantom he´s from UK, England and you can follow his videos on youtube here :  (

What do you consider yourself to be a Mac? Or a PC? That’s not a difficult question to answer. But I’m sure Apple and Microsoft would label as one or the other. I’m not a stereotype created by a money hungry media, I am a person. I’m not a Mac or a PC, I am a human being who happens to use a computer, which in turn runs an operating system, Mac OSX.

Why did I opted for a Mac? No hang on let me rephrase that. Because Macs are PCs, as PC stands for personal computer. Why did I choose a PC made by the company Apple?

Well, dissatisfaction with the Windows operating system to be quite honest. This was in my personal and work life. Virus this, blue screen of death that, so on so forth and such and such, you get the general idea. Hey! Don’t get me wrong Apple computers get problems also. It’s just I got fed up of the same old.

What I’m trying to say is, an Apple computer is best for me. Furthermore, I am attempting to explain to you, dear reader, that’s how it should be for you. No, no, not buy an Apple Mac, but a computer that works for you. Computers are computers whether they are Apple or Microsoft. If an Apple PC is good for you then, go for it. Or you decide a computer running Windows Seven fits your needs, you should purchase the item.

But please remember this. Don’t buy into the advertising campaigns of Microsoft and Apple, you’re not a stereotype, you are a human being who uses computers regardless of they portrayal as ”Mac” or ”PC”.

If some of you want to do a guest post send you´re post to 🙂


Ett svar to “Guest post Nr1: Mac vs PC !”

  1. Donncha februari 17, 2011 den 11:14 f m #

    I’m all of the above, plus Linux. 🙂


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