A Gamer’s Valentine

14 Feb

I meant to bring you jewelry,

a lovely emerald ring,

but Knuckles robbed me blind last night

and stole the precious thing.


I wanted next to take you riding

all across Hyrule,

but Link and Zelda need to put

an end to Ganon’s rule.


I asked my old friend Mario

what flowers I should give,

but after burning both my hands

I thought you’d rather live.


Since each romantic plan I made

completely went askew,

I’m trying hard to figure out

what else there is to do.


I have some quarters in my pocket.

Would you please be my Player 2?

via : http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/fktf5/a_gamers_valentine/



3 svar to “A Gamer’s Valentine”

  1. Pepijn Gansevles februari 14, 2011 den 10:30 e m #

    I’d love to be your player xD

    Nice poem by the way =D
    You should try and write more poetry 😉
    It suits you 😉

    Greetings from the Neterhlands 😉

  2. Yubel februari 14, 2011 den 10:45 e m #

    That’s some really good Job with the poem the Love for Gaming and a significant other. You should write like this more often

  3. Bolt februari 15, 2011 den 9:15 e m #

    Det var ju Forever alone day! ^^


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