Jane McGonigal making the gaming world a better place!

13 Feb

I  read this article about spending a lot of time infront of videogames, im tired of all this hating on games so her we have her : Jane McGonigal

(She is one of my favorite!) she´s Game Resarcher and developer and she share recent fidings about the physical and cognitive benefits of gaming complete with intresting facts check this out bellow :

  • Kids who play games with their parents feel a stronger connection with them and also perform better in school
  • Playing ”pro social” games like Super Mario Sunshine where you help out the world makes you three to four times more likely to help others in real life
  • As far as music games, 67 percent of respondents in a pool of 7,000 reported inspiration to play an instrument in real life after playing a music game.72 percent of musicians reported spending more time playing real instruments after playing music games
  • Playing as an attractive, heroic character in a video game for 90 seconds will make players more confident for the next 24 hours. More likely to put themselves out there.
  • The second most positive mental activity in soldiers was found after they played games for three to four hours. The most positive activity came from five to six hours of daily exercise
  • Gamers are more likely to have lucid dreams and are more likely able to take control in nightmares for positive outcomes”

want more ?  Take your time and watch this, its 20 min long but  its worth every minute!

Read the article here :  http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/02/11/gamers-are-superheroes.aspx


2 svar to “Jane McGonigal making the gaming world a better place!”

  1. Gendor februari 13, 2011 den 12:23 e m #

    Did you watch her other talk that I sent to you a few months ago? https://twitter.com/gendor/status/6477333745635329

  2. Matte februari 13, 2011 den 8:12 e m #

    Best 20 minutes I have spent today!


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