13 Feb

I read a lot about the gaming history, I would love to have a history book about gaming..  Does it exist?  plz tell me if you know! =)

Today im about to talk about the one of the  first FPS game, the two earliest documented first person shooter was Maze War and Spasim, im going to have my focus in Maze War because Maze War had an special features on-foot gameplay that still evokes in modern fps games. Maze War development of the game began in 1973.

The Gameplay is kinda like this :  Players wander around a maze,  being capable of moving backwards or forwards, turning right and left ,  you´re an eye and you are peeking through doorways.  Other players are seen as eyeballs as well..  When a player sees another eye, they can shoot them and you gain points for shooting other players and lose them when you´re being shot.

it kinda looks like this

File:Maze war.jpg



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