Gaming Night For GIRLS = FAIL!

11 Feb

Last night i had the night..   Girls wanted me to come and talk about games and play some games with them and talk about me as nerdphilia ..  I was so happy and practiced a lot and had prepared everything.  Many site was writing about it and people was twittering about it.

I took all my games and went to the gamer night..  NO ONE came.. no one..  I donno what to say or what to do.. it can´t be my fault becuse I  never meet those girls.  But at some part I always blame myself,  this was my time to talk with the girls that wanted me there but .. nopp..  maybe it was becuse of the weather?  I feel like a part of nerdphilia died last night.. im thinking alot right now.. does gamergirls exist?  or do I  just have to accept that there are 1 gamergirl of 1000 gamerboys?   I donno ..  I know that I should keep on trying or keep on fighting and dreaming..  people keep telling me ”one day one day”  and yeah i will be waiting for that day and im going to show you all that  I CAN!

I have been gaming the hole day, Need for speed: Shift and Bfbc2  you can follow me on raptr:

Dont forget that you are awsome just the way you are!

(new vlog will be up tomorrow)


8 svar to “Gaming Night For GIRLS = FAIL!”

  1. Berkman februari 11, 2011 den 7:52 e m #

    It could be weather. And it’s quite early for stuff like that! Interest of ladies in games are raising and I see that even in Turkey! Don’t let any part of it die. We are watching you! Keep up the good work!

    • Nerdphilia februari 11, 2011 den 10:40 e m #

      Yeah true. :/ Its sad but well times go one. thnx for ure comment! =)

  2. RENerdette februari 11, 2011 den 8:45 e m #

    I would have been there no matter the weather. 😦 I am sorry no one showed.

    • Nerdphilia februari 11, 2011 den 10:41 e m #

      Thnx! Youre the best, yeah its sad but well 😦 I send you a friend request on xbox a while ago girl 🙂

  3. PimPim februari 11, 2011 den 11:28 e m #

    Aoch! That’s a real punch in the stomach. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it came up something else or maybe just lack of interest. But you can’t blame yourself for such a thing.But it’s very bad that not even one person came!
    Just do what you’re doing. If they have interest in what you’re doing they know where to find you. Girls or not, you know you have fans out there!

    And remember, You are awesome just the way You are 🙂

  4. lo0 februari 12, 2011 den 10:32 f m #

    don’t you think gamer girls are lazy and stayed home and played games instead? That’s why your blog is so great, you don’t need to move 🙂 And it’s great for those who are shy too.

  5. Ela februari 16, 2011 den 6:30 e m #

    absolut inte ditt fel, du är fabolous! tror bara arrangörerna borde ha spridit informationen lite bättre. Jag hade kommit om det inte va så långt bort 😉


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