Gaming help me find myself!

8 Feb

Gaming is good for me!

You people who have follow my blog for a while maybe read this before :  Im a girl, Im a gamer!  If you havent read it first then this!  Click on this link :

Gaming controlling my feelings,  some times in my life i have been close to the end it all, just because i didnt know who i was until Nerdphilia was born!  I am  a gamer this is where my heart is,  sometimes I wish i could  just wanna hug you all..  My life have not been awesome but the worst of all the question ”who am I?”  I have always felt like i don´t belong here, and that’s something is wrong. I wanna help others, hear my voice.  Why am I telling you this?  just because i know that there is people out there that don´t belive that gaming is any good.

Gaming was the key for me, I was a gamer i didnt like clothing and shoes,  Some parts of my life I  pretend to like it  just to be accepted and that’s not right, you should be proud of who you are. The world who have always been accepting me is the world of gaming.

When I play games I ´m never ”Rebecka”   I ´m  the character and i need to deal with all this problems that were in the game and no one could stop me because in the game i had the power, and all the feeling i felt was the characters feelings, so yeah i do cry sometimes haha.  I closed my ”own” feelings and afterwards I felt happy and at some part proud to be good as someone!  I belive that gaming can control feelings and i can tell you all that gaming have saved my life many times.  Its scarry but true!  So next time you see a magazine with this text ”He killed his mum after playing counterstrike”  Think!!!  I’m 99,9% sure that its something more than that, not only the game!

This is only the being,  this 1 year as Nerdphilia have been AMAZING and there is a lot of pages from USA and everywhere who have been giving me more new readers and followers from around the world.  Can´t belive it sometimes.

So people don´t forget that YOU  are awsome just the way YOU are!

Bah that was deep. Now im off killing some zombies,  im playing right now a PC game called ”Burn Zombie Burn” from Gamersgate  haha its pretty good!




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