Battlefield 3 FEVER!!!

8 Feb

Everyone is talking, thinking and dreaming about it.. or at least I am haha.. ofcourse I´m  talking about Battlefield 3.  There have been some twittering about battlefield 3 from Kertz and this is some of the hihlights his posted include:

Yes, there will be spotting.

Dolphin Diving is out. Period.

Vehicle/Infantry balance is a focus for me, it will be awesome this time. #BF3

No plans for ziplines or grapple hooks no.

Yes, prone is on all platforms.

BF3 will be deeper than BF2. That said we’ve paid a lot of attention to keeping depth while pacing the learning curve.

BF3 is the sequel to BF2. It’s not BC3.

Friendly Fire will be an option, yes.

No comment on commander.

Yes, there is bullet drop. Doesn’t work the same as BC2 though, it’s a much deeper system.

No, no tracer darts. That’s a bit too BC and not enough BF.

No, I won’t confirm any vehicles from the teaser.

One of the cities is Tehran… Yes, yes there will be sand.

Check out Powerful new game engine Frostbite 2,:

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