Dead Space 2 First Impression!

29 Jan

2 days ago a friend of mine called me ..

”Hey what are you doing?  Guess what.. I got Dead space 2 today!”  I was like  ”ZOMG IM  COOOOOOMIIIING OVER!!”

I watched him play for almost 1 hour or more, and so far so good.  But Im glad I wasen´t the one playing the game and holding to the controller because i was jumping high when the monsters or his ”girl”  came up  and the baby monsters EVERYWHERE!! ZOMG!!  I bet you´re thinking now:                                                 ”WTF?! Dead Space aint scary at all” .

But anyway The sound in Dead Space 2 are awesome and scary.  The grapich is nice, with this light mist all over.  But i love the fact that in some part there was a person stuck in the washing machine, some lol moments in all this scary enviroment. Awsome!

I also need to tell you guys that i got my Xbox back!!!!! =D



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