Study: Video games do NOT make you fat!

22 Jan


I´m pretty tired of all this stories about video games makin you fatter, slower, dumber, and angrier?  Here is one that lens in the other directions and i think we really need to read things like this to not always bad things becuse i belive that gaming aint anything bad, this study suggesting video games are in fact not driving up childhood obesity rates.

The people behind this study of from Michigan State University in East Lansing, They took a group of 482 12-years-old and follow them for three years. During that time children and their parents andwered some questions about video game playtime as well as cell phone use. The researchers took into account exam scores, physical characteristics like hight and weight, social and economic factors and actually tested the children´s soial, mathematical, visual and reading comprehension skills.

And to the results :  Video game were no more factor in determining weight or BMI than internet or mobile phone use, in fact the study found the strongest predictiors were race, age, and docioeconomic status. it also shows that kids who played video games more manifested improved visual spatial skills.  But okey there where also a few downsides :  Those who played games more in the study also scored lower in school and had lower self-esteem..  But i bet that wasnt becuse of the games and i also think that the games made them feel better for a while,  me myself i had very low self-esteem still do sometimes but gaming makes me feel better those days.

you can read the hole process here ->



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