Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Vietnam

26 Dec

Gooooooooodmorning Vietnam!

first, sorry for my english(im still not a pro english-spelling-queen) I try my best! =)

Dice continues to deliver masterpiece after masterpiece, earlier this year they released what I  think is the best  multiplayer shooter this year :  Battlefield: Bad Company, 2

December 21 they released the expansion Vietnam to the Xbox 360 and PS3, Battlefield Bad Company 2-Vietnam is just like Vietnam should be with dense jungle, rice paddies and just awsomeness. The intensity of the game is pretty much the same that we experienced in the first Battlefield Vietnam, that was released in 2004. The music and the old technique enhances give you the feeling that you are over  40years back in time, but in a very positive way. The changes at the various kits are obviously .Now as Medic you no longer revives  your teammates with some cool defibrillator,  now it´s all about  the syringe, the Assault kit  ”Noob Toob” is now a small bazooka gun. Just those little details gives a clear and fantastic impression of what period you are in. The environments are beautiful and I find myself more times dieing becuse i was so fascinated about the graphic, staring at  the burning forest in Hill137 or a spectacular sea of CaoSon.

Intense games are a fact in Vietnam, which I love, but the first thing I noticed was how easy i died but also that it was harder to kill youre enemies than it was in Bad Company 2, which was very frustrating at first. But after a few rounds, I came quickly into the new game mechanics and technology about how to snap people, Maybe dice tryed to get us the feeling of a bit more realistic game in Vietnam. In  Bad Company 2 you could get a headshot with random weapons aimed for the enemy who were spotted for example in a forest, it is certainly not that easy in Vietnam where it takes more skill and a more accurate view of your page on enemy.

Vietnam has four new maps, including a fifth map (Operation Hasting) will be unlocked after we reached 69 million assistance points, so hopefully, the players will learn that it requires cooperation to get there. The four new maps have a fresh, impressive graphics with very good parameters such as dense jungles and tunnels, which makes a frontal attack is not always advisable. There are a lot of surprises when it is not always so easy to see enemies in the environment you are in. One of my personal favorites to order the new maps is Hill 137 which is absolutely one of the best maps ever made in the multiplayer mode.The map has it all, changing the environment from the jungle and sand to the glowing hill with lovely paths and caches that are absolutely fantastic in the games among other things, I just love the hill137 when im playing Rush.

All weapons in Vietnam are unlocked from the start and here you will find among others the highly flame-thrower which is a great weapon in confined spaces where it can sometimes be many enemies on the same surface. They will hardly have any chance against you when it is difficult to survive if someone has flamethrower and will sneaking toward you. But it is a great way to ”own” the other team, then it is a good chance to get many kills if you are skilled with the flamethrower!

There are also six new vehicles so that the cute little tuk-tuk, the eagerly Huey helicopter that was in Vietnam before the game, because let’s face it: nothing but Huey Vietnam.Huey’n is a dangerous tank killers with their powerful rockets, but also T54-armored vehicle as a man with an easy option may have flamethrowers on for grilling opponents and last but not least, patrol boat U.S. PBR even if the boats can be considered to be a bit slower than the boats Bad Company, 2nd So there is very little of everything one can choose from and that’s a special feeling to ride around in vehicles while being able to choose among eight different channels with 48 different songs to contribute, with include the song Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival, which you get really psyched out!

The only thing I’m missing is a single-player part, I think they would have earned much to bring with it, but it does not lower my rating, Dice has been extremely nice this year and I hope Santa gives them many presents, because I just got my!


See you all in xbox live, AND dont forget to help your team!

Graphics: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Playability: 9 / 10

Durability: 10/10

Final Score 9.5 / 10

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Version Tested: Xbox 360

Release: 2010-12-21 (xbox)

Price: 1200Ms Points


2 svar to “Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Vietnam”

  1. Jose Manuel Tamariz december 26, 2010 den 6:03 e m #

    Awesome Review !Keep more coming :)and Hill 137 is my favorite map too 😛

  2. Studio23 december 28, 2010 den 1:50 e m #

    You can also read it @ ctrlaltelite


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