Blizzard beat the RECORD!

13 Dec

Blizzard just announced that World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm sold more than 3.3 million copies the first 24 hours after the release, that makes it  The Fastest selling PC – game of all time,  Blizzard also had the previous record of 2.8 millions copies sold in 24 hours with WoW, Wrath of the Lich King .  I dont play WoW  but im starting to thinking…


Do you play WoW ?  if you do Why do you like it?



3 svar to “Blizzard beat the RECORD!”

  1. Shogoth december 14, 2010 den 8:16 f m #

    I play. 🙂 Why? The game in itself is rather crappy. The graphics is ok but not up to the standards of modern games. There is no emulation of any physics other than that you fall downward. And as long as you fall into water you are safe. Doesn’t matter if you fall 1000m into a puddle. It is water, you will not get harmed.

    So, the fascinating things about WoW is that it is huge. It is a complete world with it’s own history that you can explore and you explore it with others. And that is what makes WoW so much fun, you find new people to play together with and work as a team to kill monsters.

    But if you think about playing WoW, start smoking instead, I heard it is easier to quit and the withdrawal is not as bad. 🙂

  2. Per Hultman december 14, 2010 den 8:53 f m #

    Why i play:

    The Graphics is like they are for a reason, they were like that in Warcraft 3 and so they wanted to make it similar and i love it, often MMOs tryes to make good graphics and fails because it does not look real anyway.

    The game has ofcourse changed much under the years and thats another thing i lika about WoW, Blizzard is very commited to improve the game constantly and listen to the players to hear what they whant.

    Its easye to get into, its easy to fiend friend to play with, if you dont like PVE you can play PVP and the buggest reason that i play WoW..

    THE STORY IS GREAT! the most epic fantasy story in gaming with dynamic characters that you recognise from all the previous Warcraft games.

    WoW has lived for six years and i definetley think they can make it seven : ) Lok´tar ogar! For the Horde!

  3. PimPim december 14, 2010 den 2:30 e m #

    A graphic engine like WoWs gives you both more computers that can manage to play the game and easier to program (which hopefully gives you less faults). The easier the more players.


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