Battlefield Bad Company 2 Map Pack 7 impressions!

11 Dec
As mentioned earlier,  they released a map pack 7 with four new maps for Battlefield Bad Company 2 The 1 December, and i have been playing them a few times and here is some of mine impressions about the new maps.

In general, I  personally think that all the maps really give a boost to Bad Company 2 and the environment in all maps is amazing.
Heavy metal: Is a very large map with huge areas almost a bit too big, I think in some cases, certainly a dream situation for all who love to use the sniper, but I would think that it take forever to get from point 0 to point one which can be very annoying when all vehicles are busy and you may begin to run like a fool, and after an x number of minutes when youre almost there.. You get killed by a sniper-gay *HEAAAADSHOT* Then you just have to start over again. But then I’m also the type of player who likes intensely maps/matches in a fps game.

Oasis: Is it also a big map but not nearly as ”big hassle” as Heavy Metal. But i like this map!

Harvest Day: Harvest day is a very open map with plenty of space but I still think that they are easy to attack enemies and have a really good match.

Cold War: For those who like tight-intensive map’s cold war is a dream map, my favorite map of them all,  absolutely! It is very intense and fast-paced so you die a lot but you also kill a lot if you´re good ^^  so its good to have a few medic in youre team while youre playing this map!

December 21, when Bad Company 2 Vietnam comes out! And do not forget that we need 69 million team points from the same date to unlock an extra map!


Ett svar to “Battlefield Bad Company 2 Map Pack 7 impressions!”

  1. Robin december 11, 2010 den 11:22 e m #

    Haha skön direkt översättning av sniper-bög, sniper-gay ^^ det var som när pappa skulle förklara för en engelsman vad dödavinkeln var, ”its the kill-angle u know”


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