Nerd News With Nerdphilia !

8 Dec


2 svar to “Nerd News With Nerdphilia !”

  1. Donncha december 8, 2010 den 1:34 e m #

    Great show! I found you because of your Bfbc2 tag. I so want to like Cold War because it’s so intense but it’s also that intensity that puts me off. I have more fun on Heavy Metal, but it’s usually because we good around in the vehicles 🙂

    Cold War is like Nuketown for Bad Company 2! I always end up on the losing team, but I do have a gameplay video from that map importing into iMovie just because there’s so much action!

  2. tchekhov december 9, 2010 den 2:51 f m #

    I Like to repeat myself and I really want to make my point !

    You have nothing to envy those women you are talking about ! You are way hotter than both of them ! Someday someone will make a video game out of you, and you’ll be the Idol of a whole new geek genération.

    sry if you take that badly…I don’t intend anything I just like to make compliment to woman.


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