Xbox Sunday!

5 Dec

I´m still ill so xbox sunday is just PERFECT, today im playing PURE  you know that game some of you got for free when you bought youre xbox,  i got mine for free with some lego shit when i got my xbox elite.  But i havent try it untill now , and its pretty fun and nice graphic!

And oooookey  i cant stop playing it ^^

What happend?! I used to disslike those racing games .. but not anymore ^^


haha here is me right now, im having candle and tea and ofc my xbox cant be much better than that!


4 svar to “Xbox Sunday!”

  1. PimPim december 5, 2010 den 5:01 e m #

    Nice picture =)

    The Lego games is okay. More fun if you play co-op.
    I haven’t turned on my Box yet. I think I’m going to play a little Street Fighter. Then ilomilo! Damn good game.

  2. emil december 5, 2010 den 8:04 e m #

    cool blogg Rebecka 🙂

  3. Castaa december 5, 2010 den 8:30 e m #

    I’m playing Mass Effect 2. Right now I’m not digging it.

  4. tchekhov december 8, 2010 den 12:19 f m #

    Playing Mario 64 at the moment trying to finish it with all the stars not that easy ;D

    Have fun on NFS.

    lovely pic by the way.

    Peace !


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