Pretty in pink?

4 Dec

Nopp i don´t think so ^^


DUALSHOCK®3 - Candy Pink

DUALSHOCK®3 - Candy PinkDUALSHOCK®3 - Candy Pink



4 svar to “Pretty in pink?”

  1. PimPim december 4, 2010 den 7:30 e m #

    When I’m getting a console I want every thing about it to match. That’s why I never should buy a pink PS3-controller unless I have a pink PS3. It’s doesn’t match.

    …can I get the PS3 in pink, please?

    • Nerdphilia december 4, 2010 den 7:38 e m #

      yeah me to but i hate pink (then i just realize that part of my blog is pink) Hahaha but do you really want i pink ps3 ? ^^,

  2. PimPim december 4, 2010 den 8:45 e m #

    Naah. It would have been pretty (pretty) cool. But, no. I want it to melt into the rest of the room too.

  3. Robin december 5, 2010 den 9:51 e m #

    Playstation kontroller är ganska hemska ändå tycker jag :S
    Jag har en rosa 360 kontroll dock, den är fin


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