Me Playing Monkey Island this Week

2 Dec

Basically, me playing Monkey Island SE on my Xbox this week.

Were games back in the day too hard or are games now too easy?




2 svar to “Me Playing Monkey Island this Week”

  1. penywise december 2, 2010 den 9:53 e m #

    So True !!
    I wonder what would happen if nowadays an editor made a game with non save system. An old school game kinda thing…I think it would not sale at all.


  2. PimPim december 3, 2010 den 1:53 f m #

    To many check points, to many save points, the magnet in platform jumps and scripted games. Of course it’s to easy! Everybody should thank this years tide of hardcore titles. Die, die, die and die some more and you still haven’t reached the last level. Love it! 🙂


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