The Browser Wars: News from the Front – November 2010

1 Dec

Ars Technica released its month browser usage statistics.  Worldwide, Internet Explorer as you can see, still commands a lion’s share of the market.  Though, down from IE’s 95% market share peak in 2003.  Google’s Chrome is really starting to make inroads as a mainstream browser.  Both Firefox and Chrome are largely open source projects, so it is encouraging to see them doing well.

I feel that open source web browsers ultimately have an advantage because they are less unencumbered by constants of the feature limits that profit company browsers have.  Since these companies can actively promote systems that block ads or plug-ins that thwart or circumvent certain ”undesired” user behavior.

As you can see, in the much more computer savvy Ars Techinca user base:

Where over 50% of the user base is using open source based browsers.

I use Firefox 3.6 in Windows 7.  And Ad Block Plus is an amazing ad blocking plug-in.


What web browser do you use?

What plug-in(s) can you not live without?


via Ars Technica


3 svar to “The Browser Wars: News from the Front – November 2010”

  1. Mathias december 1, 2010 den 11:29 e m #

    I’m a huge fan of Google Chrome, but I have never tried Fire Fox… Why should I? 🙂

  2. malmborg december 2, 2010 den 1:00 f m #

    I’m on Firefox 3.6.12 atm

    The plug-ins I can’t do without are Adblock Plus, like you mentioned, and Flashblock. I also like the Web Developer Toolbar and Personas ^_^

    I’ve always used FF since I find it to be the fastest and most convenient browser for my type of surfing. And it have always followed the rules of the w3c which make my webpages look exaclty like I encode them, which is more than I can say for IE…

  3. Xtars december 2, 2010 den 2:02 f m #

    My main browser is Google Chrome, extensions i cant live without is Chromed Bird, great twitter app!

    However for web development i use Firefox with tons of plugins, webdeveloper, colorpicker, measure it, fire bug and so forth.


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