What *is* Nerdy Anymore?

27 Nov

I ran across this cartoon yesterday and it raises an interesting point.  The term ”nerd” or nerdy pursuits has gone from a put down to a socially accepted lifestyle.  It’s a badge of honor of sorts for a girl call themselves a nerd.   So much of nerd culture has entered the mainstream in the last 15 to 20 years.  Comic books, video games, fantasy based books and movies (Harry Potter, LotR), computers/internet, smart phones just to name a few stereotypically nerdy interests are now socially acceptable interests.

It raises the question: What is truly nerdy thus not quite socially acceptable anymore?  LARPingPencil and paper D&D?  Historical reenactments? Cosplay? Renaissance Fairs?

What’s new in nerdom that defines a ”true” nerd nowadays?


3 svar to “What *is* Nerdy Anymore?”

  1. Per Hultman november 27, 2010 den 9:48 f m #

    For me ”nerdy” is when you put extra effort in what you like to do. For example if you play pokemon all day long your a pokemon nerd : D

    Ofcourse there may always be people more ”nerdy” then you but..its all upp to you how nerdy you whant to be x)

    When i started out as a computer nerd i didnt know shit compared to other guys, but i learned and are now more computer nerd then i was then, bu i always like to experiment with computers : )

    That’s what the word nerd means to me, when you lika to do something very much.

  2. Per Hultman november 27, 2010 den 9:56 f m #

    Another thing, if bully you for being a nerd or for…just being who you are, dont give a shit about them! they are not worth it and go hanging with people that accepts you and your intrests no matter how much or how little nerdy they are : )

  3. PimPim november 28, 2010 den 5:50 f m #

    Everyone can play games, or watch movies, or read comics. But can everyone tell the history about a game? Hear that it’s the same tunes in every track in Super Mario World?
    Does everyone look for wrongs in the movies? Or maybe write an essay about why the movie doesn’t have a good story?
    Can everyone keep the alternative universes in X men apart?

    Now that’s geeky!


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