I´m Someone, I´m a Gamer!

24 Nov

People often ask me, ”Why I play games and when/how I started?”

Today, I’m going to tell you what gaming means to me and how it has been a part of my life.  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to miss a lot of things but let’s get started.

I grew up with two older brothers that were 5 & 7 years older than me.  They have always been gamers and my dad was this tech freak to even my mum loved her gameboy.  So I was born in April 1990 and I was 6 when I received my very first console was my gameboy pocket in yellow (my favorite color).  It still works and I’m still playing it. I love this gameboy.  And my first PC game was…. *drum roll*   ….. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING!  How exciting right? 😉

I was fascinated by games even then but I didn’t talk with anyone about it. When I was 10, I was this Sims expert.  I had every Sims game you could own. I know every cheat code by heart and

everything..   When I was 11-12, I was shy. Not skinny but not super fat either, girls where starting to bully me  about my looks and about my clothes about how fat my stomach was. They criticized me that everything about me was wrong and they told me that every chance they got.

When I was 12-13, I played my first FPS game (before I had tried Battlefield 1945 but I didnt get a thing about it, haha)  My very first FPS game was Counter Strike (CS) and I played v1.5 and v1.6 then back to v1.5 then v1.6 again. Online, I was SOMEBODY.  But at the same time, no one knew me. I didn’t have a girlie nick or anything and everytime people found out that I was a girl, they started complaining and wanted know what I looked like and all this stuff. But CS was my freedom!  When I was playing I was playing with my whole heart. All my anger from the bullying was now focused on the game and after a good match, I could be breathe and proudly say to myself, ”Yes.. I did that!”

When I was 16-18,  I didn’t game very much I was trying to be someone I was not.  I played a few games on my Nintendo DS. When I turned 18, I got my ”first” boyfriend who was also a gamer. And for sure, I didn’t like his  Xbox 360 at all that time, believe it or not. But while he was playing Guild Wars I started to get closer to his Xbox 360, and tried out Assassin’s Creed  and I loved it. Later, I started to play Guild Wars and I stole his guild in time. 😉

When I was playing, he was at the store buying me candy …. okay .. kidding… that only happened once!  haha

When I was 19,  I was still being bullied.  So when I graduated school, I decided to move.  33 miles away to Jönköping, where I live right now. I started nursing school and I had NOTHING in common with the people in my class but then I started to meet new people from the other schools and now I have alot of friends from the college and they really accept me for who I am for the first time in my life!!

I’ve accepted myself. Realizing, ”I like games. I LIKE GAMES. And I’m able to do that.”  I also love geeky

jewelry and nerdy t-shirts.

I remember when I was 16 and I made some awesome Nintendo turtles style jeans but the girls told me to throw them in the trash so I did…  Now I love wearing nerdy shirts and buying new ones as often I can.  I bought my own Xbox 360 in November 2009  and DAMN it’s turning 1 year this month. I also started my Nerdphilia blog in January 2010,  so its almost a year old as well.  And I got a lot of new online friends and meet a lot of people with the same interests.  I’m never going to be a pro gamer or kicking every one’s butt in any game but at least I love my life, and I like games!

I never seen myself as a GIRL gamer.  I’m a gamer or I play games.  And if you ask me, games are good for you!

I guess, I’m not the only one with this story.  I know a lot of gamers that have been bulled and find peace while playing.


But remember you’re AWESOME just the way you are!





11 svar to “I´m Someone, I´m a Gamer!”

  1. Castaa november 24, 2010 den 7:18 e m #

    Love it. The joke is on them. You are going to be famous.

  2. sportiejones november 24, 2010 den 7:21 e m #

    I love your story – You do yo Thang – Keep Gaming !

  3. lundiz november 24, 2010 den 8:52 e m #

    Fint skrivet o soeta bilder 🙂
    Hoppas vi ses po DH, fellow gamer!

  4. penywise november 24, 2010 den 10:59 e m #

    You are fabulous !
    I thought girl like you only existed in my dream…appearing like a Health pack on the ground, like a pokemon in the field, or like an epic loot in my inventory. Now I have hope 😀

    Gamers !! and proud to be !!

    May the force be with you !! Always.

  5. Jickelsen november 25, 2010 den 10:49 f m #

    It’s really cool how so many people, me included, as they mature with age start thinking ”Hey, I LIKE gaming and geeky stuff, who cares what other people think?!” and just do their own thing. Thanks for a great post, this made me happy!

    Jönköping förresten? Då måste du ju dra ihop lite vänner och fara ut på Visingsö för Oalan (Öa-LAN, tror nästa går av stapeln lagom till sportlovet)! 😀 Ett väldigt mysigt LAN med ungefär 40-50 deltagare. http://oalan.com

  6. Brosis november 25, 2010 den 4:19 e m #

    Well you quite suprise me when you turned into this Geek gamer after you moved to Jönköping… considering that you used to pick on me for it and… to be frank did not exactly help my psyche ^^;

    Well now I got another person to talk games and geek stuff too :3
    Now if you only could stop playing on that 360 so that our family could regain it’s honour! 😛

  7. PimPim november 25, 2010 den 5:40 e m #

    Brosis: But she will never be as much geek as you are ;P

    Sounds like most epic gamers in history, does it not? You go girl!

  8. Kalle Jungstedt november 25, 2010 den 10:06 e m #

    Du är hur cool som helst! Kul att du hittat din grej.

    Är det några som är förlorarna i det här så är det dom som mobbade dig. Dom har ju inte direkt så stor chans att få vara kompis med dig…Their Loss, your win. Du slipper umgås med idioterna 😀

    Game on rock on!!
    Din blogg e grymt.


  9. emil december 5, 2010 den 8:21 e m #

    hmf hata mobbare! och du är jue skitsnygg! dom som mobbade dig är bara avundsjuka.


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