Gamer Tourette’s – What game makes you Rage?

24 Nov

Was watching katersoneseven’s vlog about games that your gamer tourette’s.  Meaning games that make you start cursing like a sailor.  What game makes your rage, if any?  For me it’s playing ‘Quake Live‘.  A pretty hardcore and thus high stress (for me) PvP FPS.  I swear like a sailor when playing it, some of the time anyway.  My roommates think I’m nuts.  And I can’t imagine what the people in the adjacent apartments think.


3 svar to “Gamer Tourette’s – What game makes you Rage?”

  1. penywise november 24, 2010 den 11:20 e m #

    Kill Zone 2 pvp, make me go nuts !! probably why I don’t play it much lately.

  2. PimPim november 25, 2010 den 5:43 e m #

    Super Street Fighter 4. It’s just like Quake Live really. It’s your fault and only yours if you lose.
    Sure for scrubs, campers and turtles. But hell, if you lose to them, you’re just not good enough. And I hate that! xD

  3. malin november 29, 2010 den 12:03 f m #

    doesn’t matter which game, i always rage… lol
    i play WoW the most tho, so it has to be that 1 haha


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