Dune 2: The Golden Path – Free!

19 Nov

Dune 2: The Golden Path is now available, updating this multi-platform, freeware game based on the original Dune 2, the 1992 seminal real-time strategy game. Here’s the explanation of this project from its developer:

”This is my attempt to recreate the original Dune 2 from the ground up, using completely original code and incorporating modern-day RTS features (and compatibility with Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux and Mac), with a focus on the multiplayer experience. The only things taken from the old Dune 2 are the graphics, sound, and gameplay style.”

Dune 2 was the first true real time strategy game.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Though if you are looking slightly less retro free RTS games.  There are the free Command & Conquer games.

via Blues News



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