Racism Alive and Well On Xbox Live

16 Nov

I ran across this cartoon on reedit yesterday.  It brings up a painful point with gaming online in the US.  Racism is exposed and displayed far more openly and freely when the the person is safely anonymous on the other end.  A couple of years back, I had an Obama election logo on as my gamer icon and multiple people said why playing Uno of all games, ”Why are you voting for that nigger?” or words to that effect.  I see people calling other players nigger on Quake Live as well, though it’s not as common in my experience.

Generally speaking there’s a stigma against people being publicly racist.  Racists are condemned in polite society in most parts of the US.  But when given the chance to remain anonymous, it’s alive and well.  And that’s only the people that openly express it.  One has to assume there are still more that refrain from such language but are still racist.

People would never suggest the US is a post-racial society, if they were online gamers.


2 svar to “Racism Alive and Well On Xbox Live”

  1. PimPim november 17, 2010 den 3:49 f m #

    Yeah. Everything is much bigger in America rather then Sweden.

    And for Street Fighters sake, Balrog is a fucking pain in the ass so I don’t blame them xD

  2. Allen november 17, 2010 den 2:08 e m #

    If you bounce around tinychat, however, you see African Americans using the very same language that is condemned as racist by non-blacks being used there in the various chats. Sometimes, even within these rooms non-whites join right in and no one seems to think it is racist!

    I would agree that people say and do all sorts of things anonymously that they wouldn’t normally say/do if they couldn’t hide on the internet but it is not just racism. Either you are a ”nice” person or not and that is not limited to racism.

    I want to be naive enought to think there are more people who see beyond color rather than those who want to make color an issue–unfortunately I also think that here in the U.S. both sides overinflate the amount of racism going on or even intended by normally harmless remarks.

    My black friends and I enjoy joking around about our cultural differences (which is related to but not necessarily strictly based on the color of our skin) without taking offense because we know one another well enough to understand that the jokes are not based in racism. However, someone listening in might think we were racists to the core and that is what I dislike about the oversensitivity (and the thought police in so-called hate crimes based only on words not actual deeds that are clearly racist) of our country these days.

    Anyway, just some thoughts from across the pond. 🙂


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