WTF Is Dreamhack?

13 Nov

so a lot of readers from all over the world have been asking me about dreamhack, So its about time to tell you more about it.

So Dreamhack is this huuuuuuuuge digital festival it even holds the official world record as the world´s largest LAN festival. The festival take place durin 4 days and is open to all ages.

There is a lot of focus on computers and gaming but also other things that designing, music composing and almost everything you can imagin

e. There is live band playing and if you want a break from all the gaming you can just relax and watch a movie. DreamHack is filled with activities 24-7 !

DreamHacks two main festivals is located in Jönköping, Sweden where it take place 2 times in one year , dreamhack winter and dreamhack

summer there is also dreamhack in the north sweden called ”Dreamhack Skellefteå”

you can read a lot more about dreamhack here -> DREAMHACK <-

I´m  going to be at dreamhack and vlog everyday (i hope) and let you know everything about dreamhack , im not going to st

ay there 24-7 becuse i live just a few minutes away from there.

this summer when i went there i made a short vlog about it so here it is

( i hate this vlog)  :


2 svar to “WTF Is Dreamhack?”

  1. Castaa november 13, 2010 den 5:39 e m #

    I wish I could go. You are going to have a lot of fun.

  2. PimPim november 17, 2010 den 3:31 f m #

    I want to go and watch the gaming tournaments! ;(


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