I Only Like Sims Becuse Of ONE Reason!

9 Nov

i can makeout with an hot guy .. like tonight i was lonley so i played sims for like 15 min,  creating the hot human and making out with him.. so now.. im done. GOOOOOOOODNIGHT!

here is a pic of tonights BIG THING!

(really .. i dont like sims at all.. i kill people.. so i killed them after this kiss R.i.p)


Ett svar to “I Only Like Sims Becuse Of ONE Reason!”

  1. Shogoth november 10, 2010 den 7:44 f m #

    Mmm, the old black widow gambit. 🙂

    It is also a fun way to get more money. Get a partner, kill them, repeat. 🙂

    But it must be really scary to be your boyfriend. o.o

    ”Honey, you’ll make the dinner and I’ll…uhm…remove the batteries from the smoke alarm.”

    ”No no, keep on swimming. I’m just going to clean this ladder. It will be back soon enough.”



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