6 Reasons Why Microsoft’s ‘Kinect’ will Fail and Fail Hard

2 Nov

I was reading this morning that a  market research firm is predicting that Microsoft will sell 2.5 to 3.0 million Kinects this holiday season.  But I predict that this generation of motion controller by Microsoft will fail badly.  Here are 6 reasons.

  1. Cost: $150 as standalone peripheral is very expensive.  For just $50 more you can purchase an entire Nintendo Wii.  A new Xbox 360 + Kinect is at a minimum $300. That was the cost of a basic Xbox 360 five years ago!
  2. Games: Name one Xbox 360 Kinect game that is remotely generating serious buzz for this holiday season? I can’t either.
  3. Fragmentation: Games needs to be specifically designed from scratch to support the Kinect.  Developers loath to develop games for a single platform, let alone a small fraction of single console platform.
  4. Too Kinetic: The Kinect requires large arm or body movement which will be tiring after a few minutes of game play.  The Kinect is different than the Wii’s motion controller, in that it requires most than just wrist or basic arm movements.  And don’t give me the exercise option, that’s more a video game myth than Duke Nukem shipping on time.
  5. Space Requirements: From the Kinect owners manual:”The sensor can see you when you are approximately 6 feet (2 meters) from the sensor. For two people, you should play approximately 8 feet (2.5 meters) from the sensor.” Who has this kind of dedicated space in a small apartment, bedroom or dorm room?  And if one does have extra space, hasn’t Microsoft ever heard of coffee tables?
  6. Lag and Sensitivity: There are still on going concerns with input lag and sensor fidelity/sensitivity.  From the demos I’ve seen, the Kinect requires broad gestures to do the most basic in game things.  And there are complaints of input lag which is just a killer for  many types of game play.

Check out Becka’s video about the Kinect!

Are you buying a Kinect?  Leave a comment if you are or are not excited about it!


4 svar to “6 Reasons Why Microsoft’s ‘Kinect’ will Fail and Fail Hard”

  1. PimPim november 2, 2010 den 9:53 e m #

    But then again this is a new way of playing video games. People who can’t play with buttons may think it will be more natural playing with there body. And you have to think about what the causal gamers want to. I think Kinectimals will work well for example. That sport game? Why not! You may look ridiculous jumping around, but hey. You’re look as ridiculous waving with your arms in Wii Sports too.

    Kinect has not much to do with hardcore gaming – yet. Will it be a success? Hard to tell. Let’s just watch from the sideline and see what the fat kid can do!

  2. penyWise november 4, 2010 den 2:59 f m #

    Hey Hey !! First com around here.

    Well I really hope that we will see bouton for the next few years to come.

    The idea of being able to play handfree is good and offer so much possibility but has an old school gamer I really like to have that feeling of pressing those bouton on my control pad, being able to trow that pad around when pissed about a game phase, passing it around to my pals and so on. But it seems video game dev peeps have other plan for the future. Has for what could be the next step, I think 3D + no pad + Augmented Reallity + The Future and what it will bring…the next video game generation will be out of this world, that movie gamer is Awesome ! and would love to have a game machine like that kid’s.

    But hey doesn’t hurt to dream.

    Cheers Nerdphilia !

  3. Shogoth november 11, 2010 den 7:12 f m #

    You will need space, lots and lots of space.


  4. Bri november 14, 2010 den 7:14 e m #

    It is dumb why they need frekin 8 feet for two people and six for one my limits badly made two!!


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