Update Incoming! – Oct 20th

19 Okt

Looks like website will be a getting  significant revamp on Oct 20th/tomorrow.  Let us hope  the updated Xbox 360 console dashboard with it’s new features is soon to follow but don’t expect it tomorrow.    Note that Major Nelson has said the Xbox Live will remain up while the website we be coming down starting at 5 AM/0900 GMT.

Nerdphilia’s video about the soon be launched Xbox 360 Dashboard can be viewed here!

Generally speaking, I like the integration with my Xbox friends and game.  However, the site has to be  one of the most sluggish major websites on the Internets.  With an average of 2.0+ second page load times and in my experience it seems much longer than that.  Which feels like an eternity compared to say Google’s search page which seems almost instantaneous (for a web page) most of the time.  Come on Microsoft, it’s 2010, not 2001.

More preview screen shots of the new website can be found here!



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