25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)!

18 Okt

Today is the 25th Anniversary of the US NES launch!  I would argue the second most important video game system of all-time.  Just behind the granddaddy of them all Atari 2600.  The reason why it was important was because it almost single-handedly revived the video game market after the Atari/video collapse of 1983.

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I would have to pick my all-time favorite NES game would have to be a tie between the original The Legend of Zelda and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

What’s the one NES game you couldn’t or can’t live without??


More famous NES games box art here.


Ett svar to “25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)!”

  1. nerdphilia oktober 18, 2010 den 8:06 e m #

    And caaaaastlevania and ofc mario and and and HAHA 😀


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