”Things I Learned How To Do From Playing Video Games”

15 Okt
Yesterday I read an article  about  this article
”awsome things i learned how to do from playing video games”  i have never laughed so much, and the worst part was that I was in town and read this on my phone. People looked a bit strange to me.. no wonder why haha!
And the most EPIC part is all the comments when people telling everyone what they learn.. so im going to share som of the comment with you all, and dont forget to read the article!! 🙂
senselocke 10/14/10
Gran Turismo 3 saved my life. I was playing it while my wife worked nights in St. Louis, and I had to pick her up at 5am. I had to stay awake, as we only had one car, and I got off work at 1am, and I did that playing games. Well, I was playing all the licenses that involved driving in the rain, learning about grip, and how to brake and use the gas (?!) to not spin out and completely lose traction, etc. 

Driving to pick her up that morning, a section of the highway I was on ended and did a 270 degree turn–and for some reason, there was a ton of water or liquid on that roundabout and nowhere else–I hit it doing almost 65 mph. Had I not been playing GT3, I would have slammed on the breaks, broken through the guardrail, and plunged the 60 or so feet into the Borders parking lot on the other side, and been dead.

But instead, I pulsed the breaks, turned into the turn, and knew when to apply the gas to maintain grip. I made it around, safely (though I could feel the grip teetering on the edge of giving way), and pulled over to breath for about 15 minutes.

Without putting all those hours into those stupid license tests, without the difficulty and effort to emulate realistic physics, without the feedback telling me when grip was giving out in that game, I would probably (certainly) be dead. GT3 saved my life.


Image of Philip_J. Philip_J. 10/14/10
I learned that you should use keys to open doors
Image of GasBandit GasBandit 10/14/10
I learned that any food you find lying on the ground in the open is perfectly safe to pick up and eat. This will immediately heal the most grievous of my wounds.
Image of bigdonthedj bigdonthedj 10/14/10
I learned that kicking down peoples doors and taking their plates and spoons and selling them cheap will help me in my quests of life.
Image of suman09 suman09 10/14/10
Earning money by cutting grass
I learned it from: Every Zelda game


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