FPS On Playstation Move ?!

12 Okt

FPS games on playstation move, if you ask me i say NO NO NO AND NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Some pepole may say that playing fps game on a console is totally wrong, but  i love play fps games on my xbox but on the other hand i HATE playing fps games on my wii..

Its not that the game aint good its just that the controls arent made for fps games at all,  when i saw this video about move and fps .. just look at him while he´s playing.. I would never do that.. but in the other way i belive that fighting game without any weapons would be better  on this kind of consoles.. And what about kinect?  no words… i bet kinect is going to be the biggest fail in a long time!


2 svar to “FPS On Playstation Move ?!”

  1. Zirilan oktober 12, 2010 den 12:27 e m #

    What fps games have you tried on the Wii?
    Metroid Prime 3 had awesome controls and felt almost like a mouse and keyboard. Huge improvement over the normal controls.
    I despise fps games on consoles just because they have awkward controls with a gamepad…

  2. PimPim oktober 13, 2010 den 12:13 f m #

    I don’t see the problem with it? I think it could work just fine – and I’m no yes-speaker for Move.
    There’s many developers who’s working on FPS with Move. I don’t think we should count it out just yet.


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