Digg is dead! Long live reddit?

11 Okt

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digg.com used to be the media darling of the ”Web 2.0” movement.  It was lauded as an ideal Web 2.0 usage of crowdsourcing as a news aggregator.  Where users submit links to things and all users can vote for the best appear to on the digg front page. I’ve even watched an interview of Kevin Rose co-founder where he claimed he even encourage the people at slashdot.org to implement the idea of what would become digg’s and slashdot ignored him. And as a result digg.com was launched in 2005.  Within a year, digg captured of large percentage of slashdot’s young relatively tech savvy audience.  Kevin Rose became a Web 2.0 celebrity.

The reason why I love this story is that while it’s common to see a once popular web company explode and then be overtaken by rival.  A classic example of this is friendster losing to myspace only to being overtaken and dominated by facebook within just a few years.  However, the apparent downfall of digg wasn’t directly the result of a superior competitor. digg’s demise was largely Self Inflicted! A demise due to an actual revolt by its users due series of unpopular design changes culminating in the newly launched and wildly unpopular digg v4 site redesign. That redesign that tries to promote corporate website’s stories and diminish the influence the power of the masses. It creates streams generated by popular digg users combining ideas of twitter and facebook’s friend feeds.  As a result, digg  fatally damaged their very own original unfiltered crowdsourcing model!

Now digg competitor reddit has reaped fleeing audience of digg.  Sadly, reddit’s main interface looks like it taking design cues from craigslist in its unfriendly and hard to read very minimalist page layout.  But at its core reddit gives young tech savvy users exactly what they want.  Largely unfiltered crowdsourced and customized user content, news and images. Organized content topics varying from Boobies to Gaming to Atheism and Philosophy.

But for the love of Pete, make the site more user friendly, like the old digg! Oh, the irony I know.  Friend me on reddit if you want!

Do you use reddit?  Or some other news aggregator?



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