Nintendo 3DS Price Too Expensive?

29 Sep

Nintendo has just announced at their 29th conference that the  Nintendo 3DS will  be availble in Japan in fabruary 26th with a price at 25,000 Yen in US that would be just under $300 , more like $298.. But hey this is the next-generation system its not a super big diffrent from the orginal ds exept of bigger screen and stuff, do you get what im talking about?  Or watch it this way a new xbox 360 250GB  cost around $299  and i bet you can get an ps3 slim for that same price somewhere. For the average gamer, this may seem a bit expensive, but then again, the 3DS does feature some amazing hardware, but will it be that great?

Do you think its to expensive for a handhelded console ?  Are you thinking of buying one? let me know!

checkout nintendo live blog for the newest info :


3 svar to “Nintendo 3DS Price Too Expensive?”

  1. Castaa september 29, 2010 den 8:27 f m #

    I doubt the US price will be $300, probably like $250 max. And that’s still way to expensive. Didn’t the PSP bomb at that price?

  2. Zirilan september 29, 2010 den 10:56 f m #

    I pre-ordered one the day after E3 and i’m sticking to it. I have used my phat-DS since i pre-ordered that one and it’s getting a bit worn out. I’m 100% positive taht i will wear this one out aswell and for me it will be worth the money for sure.

  3. PimPim september 30, 2010 den 1:05 e m #

    It’s new technology we won’t see on any other portable console in a few years.
    But, yes. It’s much expensive. And it will go for 400 $ in Europe as usual. I don’t have a NDS yet, but I’m thinking of buying one instead of a 3DS…


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