Daily Nerd lesson nr 1 !

8 Sep

This is for all my girl/boy  friends who dont get the nerdy side of me, why i gaming can take my beath away and stu

ff, now im going to learn you everythink i can and soon you will get the magic!

Lesson nr 1 :  The very first game console !

Magnavox Odyssey – Relesed in august year: 1972

The Magnavox Odyssey was the fist home video game console, designed by Ralph Baer who also had the prototype finished by 1968.  belive it or not but unlike mo

st video game consoles the Odyssey is analig rather than digial, which makes its invention all the more amazing and this system was also powered by batteries by six C cell batteries, though an optional power adapter was available.

The operation of the system is very basic, every or most of the games used special plastic overlays placed on the television

(you can se more of that in the video bellow)  There where two identical overlays in order to fit on a small or a large screen.

(some overlays)

Check this video bellow, he is one of the best :


3 svar to “Daily Nerd lesson nr 1 !”

  1. Castaa september 8, 2010 den 4:08 e m #

    This was even before my time! Atari 2600 for me. 🙂

  2. hallback1 september 9, 2010 den 10:37 e m #

    Holy S**t, i gotta find one of those!!

    • nerdphilia september 12, 2010 den 10:08 f m #

      det sjuka är att, ett fungerande sådant såldes för 5kr på tradera i augusti!! >< dumt att man missade det!


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