Bye colour!

4 Sep

I have been thinking a lot about xbox 360´s new controller, like the colour buttons.. that is pretty much what every gamning consolle controllers have incomment or most of them not wii but hey how serious are wii gaming?  when we are doing a fast and hard mission in some game they most of the time showing the colour at the move  youre suppose to do.  Red,gren,blue,yellow!

But the best part about this new controller is the D-pad, i have always disslike the d-pad and now its getting upgraded, look at the picture.That chrometastic new D-pad is clearly the headliner here, and the early feedback is that it works well — it takes a bit of effort to transform from a flat button to the elevated four-way navigator you see above, but that’s apparently a good thing as it means you’ll never flip modes by accident in the middle of a hot and heavy gaming session, Finally!

So What are you thinking about this new controller?


2 svar to “Bye colour!”

  1. Sven september 5, 2010 den 3:53 f m #

    Well, if you don’t know which button is which just because they removed the color, you’re a newbie.

    Every serious gamer knows where buttons are simply by the letter/symbol.

    A, B, X, Y, L-trigger, R-trigger, triangle, square, cross, circle etc… I never go by the colors even though I of course know them too.

    • nerdphilia september 6, 2010 den 9:14 f m #

      Yeah ofc, but the colours have always been there!
      And the colour is a good thing for the new gamers to learn where all the A,B,X,Y are and stuff..but the old ones with colours will always stay in the industi i guess ^^,


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