10 Worst Way To Die In A Video Game!?

3 Jul

1. Dead by Peach @ super smash bros

Death at the hands of Browser is okey.. but to lose to Peach ? ! NO WAY.  This weak chick.. Shes always in trubble and she cant do anything exept in super smash bros.. poor mario.. save youre princess and she will kick youre BUT.. if you fail against Peach, you´ll fail at life.
2. Modern Warfare 2 @ Death by your grenade

you´re trying to throw it in the direction of an enemy…yeah.. sure.. it´s going to be stuck in the wall in front of you and then explode and youe dead..faceplam! 

3. Any online XBOX 360 game @ Death by dead batteries.
I dont have to say anything, its just a fact! 
. :[

4. Super Mario Galaxy @ Death by black hole

falling off a large platform or mistiming a jump onto a large area before spiraling into a black hole is particularly embarrassing, especially considering the game holds your hand early on when moving from place to place.
This is what happens…
5. Any game @ Death by game freeze.
Most XBOX 360 owners will know what this feels like. You’ve just put in 2-3 hours straight without a save (silly you!), struggled to complete, only for your console to freeze on you, thus ending your success and ruining your hot streak. If only Microsoft knew how damaging a mid-game freeze can be on a gamer. If only they knew *tear*.
6. Any online FPS Death by teammate
7. GTA IV @ Death by exploding car.

Dying from the sudden explosion of a vehicle is going to send you crazy. While cars can burn for a lot longer without exploding than in previous GTA games…
8. Super Mario Bros.@ Death by time.
Your girlfriend’s been kidnapped, and you’ve got to travel through several worlds to save her. If that sounds like a challenge, you’ve only got 100 seconds to move through each world, no matter how difficult the level might be, you’re just not cut out for the perils of the Mushroom Kingdom.

9. Guitar Hero/Rock Band @ Death by song failure, 95% complete.
Time to give up on your dreams of being a rockstar?

10. Zelda @ Death by Cucco

Ett svar to “10 Worst Way To Die In A Video Game!?”

  1. Jon juli 3, 2010 den 2:51 e m #

    11. Falling in the lava in Quake.


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