Are Video Games Too Expensive?

23 Maj
This question is one of the biggest questions right now in the videogame industry,
The answer to that question has to be a resounding YES at least as far as we cash-straooed punter are concerned. However one high flying game exec now thinks so to.
The Vice president of Namco Bandai partners Oliver Comte repots that games publishers are trying to find a new ways to 
bolster retail sale and
 make games more attractively priced for consumers.

“I am convinced that in the future we must change the price of video games – they’re too expensive for the audience. With the cost of development and the retail margins, £40 is a fair price (for us), but for the consumer it is too much.”
“A good price of a game should be around £20 – but for this price we can’t make a ten to 15-hour adventure. So for £20 we should offer consumers four to five hours of gameplay, then after that we can make additional money with DLC (downloadable content).”
i have been asking my readers via twitter & Facebook  here is a few thoughs about this : 
Are Games To Expensive ?

@Nerdphilia Yes. At least in Sweden / Scandinavia they are. I’d gladly pay $60 for a new game, but 600kr ($78) Is too much.

@Nerdphilia 600kr is a bit to much… so yes

@Nerdphilia yes, esp when amazon put the price of RDR up by £15! o.O

Michael Keller only the bad ones 🙂

Zalle Andersson 


                                                                     Very much so, yes!

No, you pay much less to see a movie but the value in time is so much more in a game. Ofcourse not all ames is worth the money even if the good and the bad games share price. It takes more money and time to make GTA4 then a more simple game.

i payed 400sek for my nhl09 on ps3 and i have been playing it more then any other game for the past year. and im still going strong : ) so it doesnt have to be that expensive to get a good game.

Sometimes. Depends on how long playability is. If the game keeps you going for hours, its well spent money.

lol~for me,every motorsport video games is very cheap, becoz i can practice racing at home rather than at track,one day operation cost at track= one xbox360~lol


Of course they are. I would never pay 600-700 SEK for a game, it’s ludicrous.

no, if you download them from piratebay lol… back home(mexico) i pay 60-100 usd for a ps3 game, if i travel to the US i can buy them for 40usd if they are labeled as ”greatest hits”

Louise Löfling

they’re for free on tpb ♥

Thnx everyone ! 


Ett svar to “Are Video Games Too Expensive?”

  1. ryan power maj 23, 2010 den 10:11 e m #

    I don't find it too bad, sucks if you're buying a game that you do not like the game. because it takes so much time and effort to actually create the games. and it also passes a lot of time in your life. So I think it's pretty fair 🙂


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