Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 VS PS3

21 Maj
Compare,  its not a big diffrent if you ask me , so i perfer my xbox still ! 

3 svar to “Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 VS PS3”

  1. keft maj 21, 2010 den 4:18 e m #

    Kör på ps3 istället 🙂

  2. Rob Peterson maj 24, 2010 den 4:48 f m #

    I prefer the PS3 just for the blue ray player. Other than that, they are both great systems. I heard xbox Live is better than the playstation network, and I'd believe it. I get kicked out of soooo many games on the PSN because of connectivity issues. Also, RDR is a GREAT game! Just about have it finished, and then it's multiplayer time!

  3. Anonymous juni 21, 2010 den 1:51 f m #

    ps3 suger


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