commandore 128

19 Maj
I just wanna tell you about the very first game i played as litle babygeek .. my brother found an youtube clip from the game and i remember it like yesterday.. 

This was the absolute first game ..  on our commandore 128 i will never forget ♥


4 svar to “commandore 128”

  1. erik maj 19, 2010 den 4:19 e m #

    My first were some game on Commodore 64, still got it but dont know if it works… born 91 so im more Nintendo 64 generation 🙂

  2. ibaton maj 21, 2010 den 6:54 f m #

    I played some old version of qbert in black and white. I dont remember what i played it on but it was a old computer with floppies

  3. scompo september 23, 2010 den 5:28 e m #

    My first one was tetris for the game boy, my old big red one..

  4. Chris november 3, 2010 den 9:54 e m #

    My first computer was a C64 and I remember playing exactly that Donald Duck game when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was also the day that my 5 1/4 floppy drive for my C64 died and that was the last time I played that game.

    This post brought back some fun memories for me. Thank you for that 🙂


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