Xbox 360 passes 40 million consoles sold

23 Apr

Microsoft announced that their Xbox 360 has passed the 40 million consoles sold this week.  The PS3 has sold around 34 million but is coming on fast of late.  You can see that Microsoft is getting serious by dropping the price of the Xbox 360 in the US to $159 and allowing generic USB storage devices. Because the PS3 with Blu-ray is really starting to catch on as a movie medium and the PS3 has had an upper hand with the exclusive releases of late.

A break down of the Xbox 360’s sold by fiscal year:

  • FY 2005-2006 – 5.0 million
  • FY 2006-2007 – 11.6 million
  • FY 2007-2008 – 20.3 million
  • FY 2008-2009 – 31.4 million
  • FY 2009-2010 – 40.2 million

via Kotaku


Ett svar to “Xbox 360 passes 40 million consoles sold”

  1. Per Hultman april 24, 2010 den 8:28 f m #

    and they both still gets their asses kicked by nintendo : p


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