Lost Planet 2 Demo !!

21 Apr

Yes, you heard right.  Im downloading it right now while im writing this 🙂 

”LOST PLANET returns with the long-awaited sequel to the 2 million-plus selling action shooter! LOST PLANET 2’s all-new co-op feature allows up to 4 players to team up in Campaign Mode, forming new tactics and strategies to tackle situations that would be impossible alone. In this multiplayer demo, you and 15 other players battle it out on an all-new map, Turbulent Jungle. Choose from one of two modes popularized in the original LOST PLANET: Elimination or Post Grab. All the new VSs, weapons, and support items from the Campaign mode are also available in multiplayer. Grab your weapon of choice, plan out your attack, and get into the heat of battle with players from all over the world!”  – via xboxlive.com

 The Game will come out 11 may , but I always love to critic games like Lost Planets (Sorry LP fans) 
But i like it more real .. like Alan Wake Cant wait for it to come out..  But now im going to play the demo .. i will be back updating THIS blog update with my thoughts when im done with it. 
While you download it to your Xbox take a look at this Co-op Trailer: 

i have been playing the demo now and its ..well .. i´m not a huge fan of big badass-fire-monsters..but 1time i was like ”this is a huge fail demo”
But the 2 time I was more ”hmm… maybe”
I do like the end when the monster melting (ops sorry) im getting one of those ”MOHAHAHHA” moments!
but this is not my kind of game.. and im a huge critics becuse its 2010 ..HELLOOOOOO .. it need to be perfect!
But i dont know .. i do know that i not going to buy it.. im waiting for Alan Wake, and no money no funny!
I do like the soundtrack in the meny of this game .. but hey i think you should check it out !
You may like it  or you will hate it !
(but i do hope that one of my firends buy it so i can check it out a litle bit more.. not the Co-op but the campaign)

over and out!



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