10 Reason Why You Should Date A Gamer Girl!

10 Apr

(yes im swedish & yes i have a bit of an english-spelling-problem)

1.We understand you – Only a gamer can truly understand what a gamer needs and what a gamer wants , we WON´T walk in front of the tv screen while you’re playing.. or kick you off the TV to watch a show. We will just look while you’re fighting a boss battle and maybe grab a beer. Your skills makes us very proud! =]

2.Love affair , a gamer girl will understand the love affair between you and your Xbox/Ps3 and is open to a threesome , when you date a gamer, you get unconditional love! 

3.Technically Capable. female gamers know their way around the tech, and if we don´t know we sure aren´t afraid to learn how 

4. Awsome Presents , if you maybe want a game or an accessory for youre birthday you will get it.  we gamer girls love finding cool t-shirts to add yo your wardrobe. and if we may pick you up an XBL  or PSN card, we know you´ll find something great to spend it on.

5, Angry gamer ,  a gamer girl will not waste time destroying your belongings, no we will just simply kill your favorite gaming character (oh yes, she will ) and be done with it. Beware .. gamer girls are smart and effcient!

6,Gamergirls are family-friendly , we do have an aura of responsibility,class and general non-slutiness and we are nice to everyone we meet.. that parents and grandparent enjoy.

7. Gamer girls are accessible , you will always be able to get ahold of them or know what they are up to , by email,blogging,twitter,texting,facebook .. they will be connected and reporting in at all times. 

8. Gamergirls don´t spend all their (or yours) money on shoes, More likely it will go towards to videogames or things both can enjoy.

9. Co-op Partner for Life. Sure, you won’t always want to play co-op, and neither will we. But for the times when your friends have moved onto another game and you want someone to team up with you, we will be there. 

10.Quality time She will accept time spent gaming together as quality time

/ Nerdphilia 


28 svar to “10 Reason Why You Should Date A Gamer Girl!”

  1. Rob P april 10, 2010 den 4:04 e m #

    Hahaha that was great! I need to find me a gamer girl RIGHT NOW! =)

  2. Jack april 10, 2010 den 7:45 e m #

    These girls exist?!

  3. Anonymous april 10, 2010 den 7:46 e m #

    number 5 sounds like a reason to not date a gamer girl!

  4. Anonymous april 10, 2010 den 7:48 e m #

    These girls exist, and some of them are wishing for a geek of their own.*swoons*

  5. epicnightowl13 april 10, 2010 den 7:50 e m #

    yes, yes we do exist 🙂 ❤

  6. Anonymous april 10, 2010 den 7:51 e m #

    im totally one of those girls ^_^

  7. Rebecka april 10, 2010 den 7:58 e m #

    haha yeah ofc we exist 🙂

  8. Jack april 10, 2010 den 7:59 e m #

    I'll be any girls geek as long as they like games. I had no idea girls like this exist, my outlook on life has changed completely haha.

  9. Anonymous april 10, 2010 den 8:11 e m #

    im a gamer girl \o/ console and pc ❤ WoW ~ and GoW >:D

  10. Jack april 10, 2010 den 8:16 e m #

    @Anon You can't be serious :O

  11. Jaaye april 10, 2010 den 8:22 e m #

    I prolly won't do all that, but i'm a gamer girl!!

  12. Anonymous april 10, 2010 den 8:54 e m #

    we do indeed exist 😉

  13. Anonymous april 10, 2010 den 9:30 e m #

    ha my girlfriend fits this description … although she does love her shoes… I would say she was more "in tune" with me than a gamer girl though …

  14. Azzie Bastin-Lane april 10, 2010 den 9:32 e m #

    Yep. We exist. And I like number six. Its true!! Glad there are some likeminded girls around xxxxx

  15. Bomber april 10, 2010 den 10:34 e m #

    Number 8 is not true ;/

  16. Anonymous april 10, 2010 den 11:11 e m #

    They exist alright. They are just all taken. Grrr! The number one sought after woman, the gamer chick.

  17. Ren april 10, 2010 den 11:26 e m #

    Ahaha, 6 and 8 may not apply to me… Online multiplayer can make a girl have a sailors mouth.. apologies to Grandma.I've frequently also had to weigh the choice of a 50$ game or 50$ heels… "Will I actually play enough Bad Company 2? Or where would I even wear those shoes?" ;P

  18. Jack april 10, 2010 den 11:37 e m #

    I obviously live in an area void of all gamer girls then. Just my luck!

  19. Anonymous april 11, 2010 den 12:29 f m #

    I'm that much of a gamergirl I met my fiance on xbox live playing GRAW2, went on to play COD4 together… played online with him for about a year and a half before we eventually hooked up… in June we'll have been together for 2 years. 🙂

  20. Anonymous april 11, 2010 den 1:33 f m #

    Was married to a gamer girl for three years…did not end well (batting for the other team). But, the gamer girl part was great, so I'm looking for another now!

  21. Anonymous april 11, 2010 den 8:57 f m #

    yes we do exist 🙂 i'm a gamergirl ^^ ❤

  22. Kjetil Ueland april 11, 2010 den 10:41 f m #

    Nice. All I need to know is where to look for you. I'd love to share my life and gaming equipment with a gamergirl 🙂

  23. Anonymous april 11, 2010 den 8:25 e m #

    We gamer girls do exist. And just because we are gamers DOES NOT mean we aren't hot by ANY means. Of course, it is a bonus. 😉 Just thought I'd throw that in there…hehe.

  24. Jack april 11, 2010 den 10:21 e m #

    This brings me hope. Why don't we set something up ya'll can add me on j… Only joking. ;]

  25. Liz. april 12, 2010 den 12:21 e m #

    Yesss! I'm a gamer girl 😀

  26. Anonymous april 13, 2010 den 5:04 e m #

    definitly need a gamer girl :> good to see that there is hope :S

  27. Anonymous april 13, 2010 den 11:13 e m #

    Yes, these girls exists, and i married one of them!!

  28. Anonymous maj 26, 2010 den 7:49 e m #

    im one of these girls 😀


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