Soft-fotball for Wii

22 Mar
Its soft,tealistic sccessory,allows you to imitate crucial motions a virual fotball game requires.
this is the first of its kind to be fashined after a squishy, backyard tossin, foam football and turning your wii-mote into the optimum performance-enhancing accessory..maybe this is something for you..
but no.. i would not buy this ..  i dont like sport games like this .. its remind me of all those GOLF games .. 
Soft-football for Wii
this would be able to : 

Compatible with the following Wii games:
·         Madden NFL 09 All-Play
·         Madden NFL 10
·         Backyard Football ‘09
·         Backyard Football
·         Family Fun Football
·         Blitz: The League
·         NCAA Football 09 All-Play
·         And any other Wii Football games that require the Wii Remote



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