20 Mar

I have been asking a few nerdy girls & Myself and we have the same ”things”  what we look for .. and.  im going to tell you what we love and what we thik is AWSOME  and what make us open our eyes for you boysboys!            

  • Games – if you play something or at least like it , we may not be the best gamer but atleast we enjoy it a lot!  
  • Tech –  if you into tech collage or are a huge fan of tech stuff thats a +  becuse so are we ! 
  • Nerdy shirts – every nerdy girl loves when a guy wear a nerdy shirt that proves he´s someone..and also someone who dont cares about all this fashion shit .. no we are not into brats and fashion guys AT ALL ..
  • Crazy humor  & dont be afraid to do crazy stuff – most of us nerdy girls like to be out of the norm & dont care what other people says , we like to have fun !
  • Sound Effects – who dosent love it? the sound of a light saber …aww
  • Be nice – ofc we are still girls .. we may not paint our nails or something like that but ..we have still woman feelings !
  • but please dont pretend to be someone youre not we can easily see if ure ”fake” 
But how do I know shes nerdy ? 

                                                                              (no this is not me )

  • look at her  – she may not look like they typical nerd .. but.. sometimes you can see it.nerdy girls are usually not super girly at all. 
  • lisen to her conversations – what is she talking about ? 
  • What kind of people are she with – yepp you can se , nerdy people are around nerdy people , nerdy girls have a lot of guy friends .but that doesent mean that they are all into her .. nononono..i can say of my friends 95% is guys. 
  • ask her , what are she doing on her sparetime ? – as i told u , nerdy girls are not afraid of telling that we are nerdy ..and what we are doing.. becuse we´re into nerdy guys  we talk nerdy.
  • if you dont wanna talk to her without knowing anything first , ask a friend or you maybe know someone around her. 
  • or use facebook .. i get a loot .. ” hey …..i read on facebook that..” we dont care if youre seaching on information about us .. thats kind of cute.. but dont become a stalker that knows every thing then its getting creepy..
we´re not done get , we are in working progress with this discussion so if you wanna know something add a comment and we will discuss about that me and my nerdy e-girls! 
BUT HEY … you guys say its hard to find nerdy girls.. its hard to find this nerd for a girl TO!
…we are everywhere just like you.. 


  1. Rob P mars 21, 2010 den 12:42 f m #

    I always enjoy your blogs Becka! This one was especially good I think. Too many guys won't admit to being nerds, but can still spend 12 hours in a day playing MW2 or something. Hell, I just spent 4 hours playing Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone. haha. Maybe if the guys were more honest with their nerdyness, they might actually find a girl like you! haha. Always remember "Nerd is the new cool!"-Greeting from CanadaRob

  2. Jonathan mars 21, 2010 den 10:15 f m #

    Hahaha kontaktannons 😛 Vad hände med METAL då?!?!Det är iof jätteintressant att läsa ur ett antropologiskt perspektiv 😉

  3. Rebecka mars 21, 2010 den 1:33 e m #

    Rob p : You are so damn right !! =)Jonathan : inte direkt så att detta bara är mina åsikter , min dröm nörd finns säkerligen inte inom sveriges gränser heller^^

  4. Andreas mars 22, 2010 den 11:20 f m #

    Soon I've spent 100 hours on Final Fantasy XIII 🙂

  5. whitelocust mars 25, 2010 den 4:16 f m #

    damn, what a world.


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