Bioshock 2 controversy

16 Mar

It’s been discovered that the DLC for Bioshock 2 isn’t really downloadable after all.  The new content is actually stored on the original Bioshock 2 game disc.  So you are purchasing content already contained on the disc and are paying to unlock it.  This is obviously just a divide content up to into more pieces to charge more money for it. This isn’t the first time a publisher has tried this. Beautiful Katamari also allowed players the privilege of playing four new maps already contained on the game disc at extra cost.

The thing that I don’t understand is why not create a ”Limited Edition” version of these games that costs $15 more but includes the DLC content.  People have been shown they will pay for Limited Edition versions of games.

What do you think about including ”DLC” on disc and charging more for it later?  Does it matter that data is included on disc and not downloaded? How is it different than not including it on disc but doing the content ahead of time with the rest of the game and downloading it later?

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2 svar to “Bioshock 2 controversy”

  1. Jonathan mars 16, 2010 den 9:51 f m #

    As the extra content already is on the disc it is completly moronic to make people pay extra for it. Compare to a movie you have bought and to se the end you have to pay an extra 10$… DLC is another deal as it is game material that the developers haven't had time to finish up until the release date but it later assures a continium of the game's life as they add more and more of the game in time. More to compare to a sequal or an inbetweenqual haha

  2. Lasse mars 21, 2010 den 11:58 e m #

    They have found hidden gamemode in MW2 aswell. A capture the flag with one flag in the middle.. Will probably show up as a DLC soon.. It's all about the money…


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